The cost of professional photography and video can be intimidating when you add all the additional cost of a mayor event.

If you have a sponsor (padrinos) find out first what amount they can budget for your memories. 

Don't expect them to be able to pay all for you .Knowing in advance what they are able to do for you is a good way to plan your finances and avoid headaches.

Once we meet we'll give a total cost based on your selection. Depending on your type of plan a required retainer is needed to reserve your event. With two remaining payment, one on the day of our event and last before or when receiving your final product.

(details described on the presentation).

If these options are not ideal for you to cover your event we have an alternative option.      

Cesar's Photography have partner with "Square payments" to help you get the memories you want and make your buying experience more affordable and convenient.

If you have received a proposal follow the link below and see if this option will help you get your priceless memories cover.