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Easter egg hunt & portraits.

How does it work?

Join us and bring your children for a fun time egg hunt and Easter portrait time.

Your children's session start with a fun egg hunt time in our outdoor garden.

As your kids enjoy looking for the precious eggs I will capture sweet moments and expressions of this joyful time.

They are aloud to select up to 10 eggs for this fun time. (Bring your own basket).

After this fun time the portraits will be taken in the different outdoor settings.

Children will be able to pet our bunny and some chicks and open the eggs they have found.

Enjoy the candies but if the egg that the child has found is a winner egg, then expect to get one of the following prize at no extra charge.

3 Possible prizes hidden in the eggs 

a) 1 - 16x20 wall portrait 

b) 1 - 11 oz.  photo mug

c) 1 - 50x60 Polar Fleece photo blanket

(If you child finds more than one prize you must choose one of them)

Covid Safety Guidelines

Each session is reserved for only the children of the immediate family to comply with safety guidelines. All session are outdoors in the garden area.

No families outside the same household are aloud.

How much does it cost?

If you are have purchase one of our 3 for 1 promo special. There is no extra fee.

Just book the appointment. This session will count as one of your sessions in the promotion.

If you haven't purchase our promotion you can buy it now.

It is $155 for up to 3 sessions within one year and includes one of the following portrait packages.

Option A: 1- 11x14 , 2 - 8x10

Option B: 1- 11x14, 4 - 5x7

Option C: 3 - 8x10, 2 - 5x7

Option D: 4 - 8x10

Option E: 2 - 11x14

You can pay on the day of your session.

How do I select the portraits?

After the session a zoom appointment will be schedule to show you the pictures and help you select your favorite images.

When will the pictures be ready?

Usually within 24 - 48 hrs. excluding  weekends

For how long the Easter portraits will be available?

From the entire month of April. 

How do I book my appointment?

Easy, click on the button below and select the option Easter Portrait