FotoRider - cesarsphotography

The FotoRider formally known as "Cesar's Photography" is the tittle adopted due to my profession and passion to my favorite show, Knight Rider.

KITT goes to almost every photo event and has become an icon to my business.

Our motto "One image can make a difference" is that thru professional photography I can preserve and save special memories.

This page has being created with the  purpose to give back to the community, by participating in charity events we can make a difference with a purpose. The #FotoRider facebook page is intended to feature updates where KITT is involved  but this page will host videos experiences and photos where most likely you have being photographed.

Keep posted as this page gets updated to bring back many memories of you and KITT.  

KITT exclusive images in the 30 yr anniversary


KITT is born "The Story"

El comienzo de la historia. The beggining of the story

Watch this video with VR gagles to experience this 360 degree video

KITT Events

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