Congratulations JJMS class of 2020

Despite the circumstances we live now days, many of us parents want to celebrate you for your academic efforts.

Your memories are the legacy that will live forever.

At Cesar's' Photography we want to help you keep a lasting memory for years to come. 

We bring to you the "Culmination Portrait" but not your average culmination portrait.

What makes this culmination portrait so special?

First I want to remind you that your safety comes first.

We will follow social distance guidelines to make this happen and also use technology to ensure a professional quality portrait.

We will bring to your school a studio outdoor set up that includes a background with the school logo and class year.

See sample below.

background sample


Your principal will be photographed handling your diploma.

Then, each student will be photographed individually.

Every student needs to schedule a time to come to school to have their picture taken.  

This help us to keep the social distance and prevent from having all the students gathering at once.

Please be on time. The session will be very quick and will we do our best to have you in and out in a timely manner. Students arriving to school are asked to wear a mask when arriving and keep the social distance at all times.

No mask will be shown in your photo taken.

Photo sessions are schedule for

Wednesday May 27     4 pm to 7 pm

Thursday May 28         8 am to 12 pm

Friday May 29               8 am - 12 pm

Please schedule your appointment ASAP  

Click on the button below and

select the option JJMS Class 2020 


The parents that wish not to have their students come to the school for the photo session, please send your son or daughter's photo to our studio by email at:

Have the picture taken on an outdoor environment with day light and in a shade area.We would do our best to merge your photograph with the principal however quality might be different because of differences of phone camera and professional camera set up.

Every  student later on will be professionally photoshop with your principal

creating this way the culmination portrait you would have received on

a traditional culmination day.

The portrait is an 8x10 size print with a presentation folder.

The portraits will be given to you along with your diploma by the school.

Here is a sample of your culmination portrait

See sample below


However this is not all.

Your culmination will be an Alive portrait. 

When you scan your portrait with your phone or tablet a video message will appear on your mobil device.

You will see and hear your principal giving the culmination message.

The one you have been waiting for.

Instruction will be given on how to make this possible.

This technology is already available on our wedding  or quinceanera albums and will be applied to your culmination portrait.

Here is an example of how it works.

Would you be interested on our car banners?

This is not part of the school service being offered

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