In studio sessions

The minimum purchase is $150

Once images are selected turn around time is

24 hrs Monday to Friday when picked in studio.

For 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 up to 13x19 sizes.

48 hrs for 16x20 or 20x24 large prints.

Images are enhanced and retouched before printing

Prints are mounted for easy framing and durability.

Additional time may be required for framing.

Canvas orders turn around time is 5 business days. 

Retouching and enhancing

before and after

Untitled photo

Some retouching and manipulations are part of your order.

Removal of light blemishes, acne, scars, softening of lines,

wrinkles, bags under eyes and softening of skin glare.

The following manipulation are not part of your order.

such as removal of braces and removing or adding people.

Some other can be included in your order depending on the 

degree of difficulty of the order. Such as eyes created, eyes open,

background change. switching faces from same session.

Ask for details when placing your order.

Untitled photo

On location sessions with in 3 miles distance

from our studio

Total minimum cost is $150 

with your choice of images from our normal printing price list.

$150 credited toward the prints of your choice.

We can suggest different locations that don't require permits and are great for outdoor settings.



Some locations require permits while others only entranceand / or parking fees.Those fees are additional and are not included in your cost.On locations sessions with more than 3 miles distance from our studio.

Total minimum cost $250

Further distance ask us for details.

Right to print

If your order is more than $400 less the amount credited you get the right to print with your order. (Does not include travel fee)