Congratulations class 2020

Your festivity is not complete without a prom photo and we are here to help you make that happen.  

If you were not referred by PROM 2020 LIVE 

Here is link to have you join. Don't miss it, prom date is May 22

Click on the button to join the Prom 

How to get your Prom photo

1) Dress up for your prom picture, look your best. Dress to impress.

2) Upload your photo to our site. If this is a couple upload two photos.

We are following social distance so have each other take their own photos.

Use your phone in vertical position. For better results take your picture

outdoors with daylight and in a shade area. Also take your picture

slightly sideways but looking straight

3) Select your background

Best Friends group photo

1) Upload all the photos at once up to 10 students

2) Select your background 

How much does it cost

$ 15 single senior

$ 25 couple

Group $25 from 3 to 5 students

$5 per additional friend up to 10 students.

You'll get a high resolution files of your image ideal for sharing online or print.

Time turn around 24 - 48 hrs once is submitted.

Check samples below

Prom backgrounds