HS Class 2020

Welcome to our page high school seniors, class 2020.

I understand how difficult it has being to go thru missing great memories during this difficult times.

That is why I am offering the opportunity to make something special for your class. 

I offer you the 2020 Senior collage. 

This is costume made piece of art shows your personality with your own school mascot and year class. '"The one that you were quarantine"

The images are taken at your home at the front porch or drive way.

I use a studio setting set up. I wear a mask at all times for mutual safety.

You'll come out only when is time for the session. You can have up to 3 changes of waredrove. Consider the options something casual and dressy and if you have your cap and gown that can be used too. Are you involved in some extra curriculum activities like cheer leading, sports or music?

No problem have those items ready for the shoot.

The session last an average of 15 minutes.

Would you like to make the most of the session and have your family involved? 

No problem, Only those living in your household would be allowed to be in the session.


There are only a limited number of session available per day.

The times are  10:00 am   11:30 am   1:00 pm   2:30 pm   4:00 pm   5:30 pm   7:00 pm

Click the button below to schedule the session online ans select the option Portraits and subcategory "CLASS 2020 H S"


This is a pre-paid session with finish collage portrait.

Includes on location session at your home with 13x19 Senior collage portrait

Only $120

Other finish images are available for purchase on a private galley. 

A link will be provided for you to order.

Would you like to get all your files for FREE?

Refer three more High School Seniors. You'll receive a personal code for your referrals

They need to live in the San Fernando Valley area.

When they book you'll get a link for free download no watermarks.

Schedule the session first and then pay online on the secured link below.

13x19 Collage


Follow these requirements before you book your session

- By reserving your session you confirm that you and any of your family members residing at your household are not sick.

-  You agree to never touch or handle any of our of set-ups or equipment.

- You will respect social distance minimum 10 ft

- Wear a mask

- High School Senior will only come out when instructed to do so.

Your family safety is our priority. I look forward to create lasting memories.

Cesar's Photography