Baby Portraits

2004 8x10

This type pf baby photography is created with the purpose to create a collection of heirlooms of hope for the future of your child.

Very often this type of session could be based on your current profession or something you wish you could it be.

You must provide your own props intended for this session.  

Due to regulation for COVID 19 we can't take portraits in the indoor section of our studio.

Instead session are done in large shade are in our outdoor settings.

Only mom, dad and siblings are permitted to be present, no extended family.

Since these are for babies we can only offer this session in circumstances that will be comfortable and safe for the baby. Specially when weather is comfortable for the child.

Portraits will look as if taken indoors but with the outdoor settings.

A $150 minimum purchase is required for this session.

A $30 fee is required to schedule the session  and remaining balance on session date.

If order is more than your requested order remaining balance is due upon receiving the order

An Zoom appointment will be schedule to review and place the order. Portraits are normally ready within 24 - 48 business hours.

You certified that you and any of your family members are not infected by the COVID 19 virus and that will wear a mask at all times except only for the photo session Our studio is doing everything possible to maintain our studio settings safe and free of any virus for every ones safety

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